Growing in the world of rare diseases...

Growing in the world of rare diseases goes beyond
mere product supply and service.
Rare disorders are unique to all patients, families and their caregiver.
At Biodendrum we strive to bring global solutions to individual patients by reducing the gap, that’s our Mission.



Biodendrum is inspired by the meaning of two ancient Greek words:
Bios, “life”, and dendron , which means “tree” or
“plant”, that is “ The tree of life ”.

Although the tree is young the seeds are mature

The seeds of Biodendrum have grown into trees that shade the walkers and beautify the landscape.
These seeds have grown into trees that have given fruits for children and adults suffering from rare disorders, fruits for metabolic disorders, cystic fibrosis, neurological disorders, and many more.
The seeds of Biodendrum are a blend of species that balance and are capable to adapt to the ever changing environment.
Their roots dig deep and can grow as high as trees do.


R. Joaquim António Aguiar 45 2º Esq.
1070-150 Lisbon

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